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About us

4a manufacturing is a part of the 4a Group. The development and implementation of innovative processes allows the manufacturing of high quality and high performance parts. The main goal of 4a is to achieve healthy growth in synchronization with the needs of our customers on the basis of long term partnerships.


4a manufactures various composite materials and polymers. We offer the implementation of special manufacturing processes for plastics, metals, fibers and various combinations of these materials. Based on that we design special application oriented solutions for our customers.

Industries and Markets

We consciously diversify our efforts to serve different industry sectors. This strategy of industry and market diversification demands a high level of flexibility which will grow even further over the years to come.


We primarily concentrate on processes for medium size and larger unit output series. To guarantee reproducible high quality, we strive to install high levels of automation in all processes.


Our company is interested in new and innovative projects and partnerships. We offer a profound knowledge in material science, including characterization and simulation of multilayer composite materials.


Besides our focus on the development of new materials and processes our experience also allows to guarantee high quality and consistency in the production. 4a manufacturing is ISO9001 certified. Most of our products are compatible with RoHS directive.
You can download the certificate here.

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Quality policy

The quality policy of the companies belonging to 4a Group derive from our concerted values.

The forceful alignment of our activities to our customer´s requests is our most important objective. A highly motivated, customer- oriented Team endowed with a high level of personal responsibility in an inspiring work environment develops and produces high-quality products generating a large customer benefit. Our dynamic organisational structure combined with the distinct decision-making authority of the individual employee make it possible to quickly and competently react to our customer´s wishes.

The use of our special technologies enables us to develop new and innovative products that secure our customer´s competitive advantage. Software- based feedback-systems and intelligent information networking guarantee efficient operations and continuing improvement of our processes.