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Our products can be used for a wide range of applications, a small selection can be found below.

CIMERA® Radome

The CIMERA® Radome can be customized regarding shape, fastening solution and decorative surface finish.
Our material matrix of well defined low electric loss materials, enables us to offer our customers a multitude of radomes with dedicated layer compositions.

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  • Unique and flexible solution for a multitude of sandwich radomes
  • Customizable regarding shape, fastening solution and decorative surface finish
  • Flexible regarding materials and thicknesses to achieve the required electromagnetic behavior
  • Can be designed for applications over a broad gigahertz range


The highly dynamic market for consumer electronics requires/calls for new Material Developments. At the same time the available space (for installation) becomes smaller and smaller. Low weight, combined with even thinner overall thickness must be combined with maximum stiffness. Our micro-sandwich CIMERA enables the optimal combination of these requirements.


  • High break-up frequency
  • High damping - no peaks in SPL response
  • Unlimited freedom of design
  • High temperature resistance
  • Low weight for high sensitivity and magnet cost saving
  • Very low thickness tolerance


There is hardly a trend that is changing the automotive industry as much as the trend towards more environmentally friendly vehicles. By using materials with a very high variability in the design of the material structure, developers are given new possibilities in the design of lighter and stiffer components. The use of MILLIFOAM and CIMERA helps our customers develop vehicles with reduced fuel consumption. At the same time a higher driving comfort is achieved by the damping materials.

  • Future-oriented lightweight construction technology through cost-efficient multi-material design
  • Improved damping for increased driving comfort
  • Distinctive design diversity due to enormous variability in material structure
  • Minimization of emissions through weight savings cold or hot formable material structures possible


Advanced material combinations gain more and more importance in aviation. On the one hand, these material combinations have to meet the highest demands on component weight and product quality and, on the other hand, important standards (e.g. fire standards). Through the use of our core material MILLIFOAM, we achieve the required optimization of the fiber composite components. An increase in stiffness, the improvement of damping properties and maximum lightweight construction are the result.


  • Enormous weight reduction through optimized material structure
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and emission reduction
  • Comfort upgrade through improved acoustic vibration damping
  • Improved component stiffness through intelligent material composition


Drones will become an integral part of everyday life in the future. From drones delivering our parcels to drones delivering emergency medicines and instruments in an emergency, the field of application is becoming ever more diverse. Our efforts are focused on achieving maximum range using extreme lightweight construction. The use of our micro-sandwich material CIMERA and our thin core material MILLIFOAM, enables the implementation of the required lightweight construction technology.

  • Significant increase in range due to weight reduction
  • Flexible product design through variable material composition
  • Improved vibration damping for more stable flight behavior
  • Highest component stiffness through intelligent material composition


Whether in yachts, ferries or in the high-performance sector such as sport sailing - the desire for less weight and reduced fuel consumption, together with the target to increase the performance, becomes more and more important. Therefore, materials are needed that provide a wide range of compositional capabilities and meet high technical requirements. With CIMERA and MILLIFOAM we deliver exactly those materials.


  • Comfort upgrade through improved vibration damping
  • Increased performance through optimized weight distribution
  • Increase of range by weight reduction
  • Environmentally friendly – reduction of fuel consumption


In high-performance applications such as motorsport, the smallest details often decide on victory and defeat. By using MILLIFOAM, CFRP components can be optimized without additional fiber layers whereby weight can be significantly reduced, and stiffness can be improved. Our special composites and core materials are the basis for faster rounds – Just a fraction of a second decides ...

  • Future-oriented lightweight construction technology through intelligent multi-material design
  • Performance increase through optimal weight distribution
  • Higher natural frequencies for very thin-walled components enable more stable aerodynamics
  • Improved component properties without the use of additional fiber layers

Rail and Transport

Our mobility is constantly changing, and public passenger transportation is becoming increasingly important. By using our composite material CIMERA, the possibilities in product design and component design are enormously extended. Additionally, by using MILLIFOAM as the core layer, the weight is reduced. In addition, MILLIFOAM's outstanding damping properties make it possible to increase travel comfort in large-scale means of transport such as trains or buses.


  • Comfort upgrade through improved vibration damping
  • Lightweight design reduces energy and fuel consumption
  • Cold or hot forming material constructions possible
  • Impact resistant - high strength cover layers possible


Sports equipment must convince through performance and design. The use of MILLIFOAM enables our customers to develop sports equipment of higher technical and visual quality. A reduction of weight or an increase of stiffness or an improvement of damping are possible with the help of our thin core layers. The user receives a product with which maximum performance can be achieved.

  • Reduction of weight
  • Increase of stiffness
  • Best damping properties
  • High geometry and design freedom in component development