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The CIMERA® Radome can be customized regarding frequency, shape, fastening solution and decorative surface finish.

Our material matrix of well defined low electric loss materials, enables us to offer our customers a multitude of radomes with dedicated layer compositions.

the adaptable sandwich radome

Compared to monolithic radomes, multilayer radomes achieve more bandwidth and a larger scanning range. They achieve high bending stiffness and a higher strength-to-weight ratio, which makes them the radome of choice for many applications. Out of our database we select the appropriate skin (like GFRP or thermoplastic) and the suitable low loss foam core and design and produce the optimized radome for your application.

Graphics of Cimera Radome

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Graphic of Material

Material Selection

The material selection for the radome configuration is a critical step in the radome engineering process. It is defined at an early stage of the development and therefore has significant influence on the overall performance. There are multiple possible combinations of candidate materials for skins and cores for sandwich radomes. Given the broad range of possible uses cases like 5G mmWave, satcom, satcom on the move etc. many materials come into consideration when designing a radome. Particularly the skin layer poses high potential for optimization when the deployment site is considered. Radomes used at protected sites may benefit from using lower cost materials at the expense of mechanical strength or lowered RF performance.

CIMERA® RADOME - Production

A sandwich radome is defined by the permittivity, the thickness of the selected materials and the coating. Because the constituent material layers have significant influence on the transmission efficiency, it is necessary to control their tolerances tightly. Especially the thickness of the foam core of a radome sandwich has significant performance influence and must be controlled tightly. This is accomplished with using MILLIFOAM cores with tolerances in the µm-range. Already early in the radome engineering process we provide flat radome samples, to make sure to meet the essential requirements.

Graphic of Radome Production

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CIMERA® RADOME – Stack-ups

CIMERA® Radomes are available in any arbitrary configuration. It’s all tailored to your specific requirements. Still there are certain stack-ups that often come out as result of a thorough optimization process. Those are:

Cimera Radome
Cimera Radome
Cimera Radome
Combined Performance for RQs
Combined Performance for typical mmWave requirements

Each of these types has specific advantages that are realized in a bespoke set-up adjusted to the antenna application. The CIMERA® A-Radome comes with GFRP skins holding a low loss foam core. The CIMERA® B-Radome is comprise of syntactic foam on the outside and a higher Dk material as core. The CIMERA® C-Radome is a 5 layer stack-up that allows for best tuneability for individual requirements. All these stacks are perfectly suited for mmWave applications. If you are interested in the specific advantages of any given solution and want to know what fits your needs best don’t hesitate to reach out today!