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CIMERA® - the multi-purpose solution for thin sandwich material

The goal of CIMERA® is to reduce the weight of thin components (0.5 - 3mm) made of single materials like steel, aluminium, GFRP or CFRP, by replacing them with a cost efficient microsandwich material.


Especially for lightweight applications with the target to achieve the best weight saving potential and with highest requirements regarding to bending stiffness, the sandwich material CIMERA® provides a wide range of possibilities due to various material composition.

The combined use of metals and plastics allows to generate a product with a broad spectrum of desired properties. By selecting the appropriate materials, many mechanical characteristics can be influenced and optimized: weight, bending stiffness, formability and temperature resistance are some of the tunable parameters.

To realize material compositions with such a wide field of adjustable properties, suitable core materials are needed. The core material MILLIFOAM® from 4a manufacturing shows the appropriate advantages (tight thickness tolerance, good draping characteristics,…) which are required for such innovative material solutions.

The wide experience in the development of micro-sandwich materials and the variability of the specialized production processes, are the base for the leadership of CIMERA® and 4a manufacturing in this business field and enables the production of materials, which are tuned perfect to customer requirements.

Advantages of CIMERA® Metal

  • good cold forming properties (deep drawable)
  • thickness range: from 0,15 mm
  • skin layer thickness: from 12µm
  • skin layer material: different skin layers and alloys processable (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, high strength steel, …)
  • core materials: different MILLIFOAM®-Types
  • density: 700-3000 kg/m³
  • area weight: 0,1-10 kg/m²
  • good damping properties

CIMERA® - Rendering METAL